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Gazzette (West) Zone

Covers some of Perth’s most prestigious riverside suburbs and affluent family suburbs. The area is also home to the historic port town of Fremantle with its vibrant mix of residential, commercial, educational and tourism areas. Further south, this area houses some of Perth’s fastest growing suburbs, where affordable residential development has attracted first homebuyer couples and families with dependent children.

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Display Advertising Rate

Full Page 380x262mm

FG & CG: $2500

MG: $3000

Half Page 188x262mm

FG & CG: $1500

MG: $1800

Quarter Page 188x129mm

FG & CG: $1000

MG: $1200

Eighth Page 92x129mm

FG & CG: $500

MG: $600


  • Thursday


  • Tuesday Before at 3pm