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Northern Zone

The Times zone comprises the Cities of Wanneroo and Joondalup, and parts of the City of Stirling. Residents of these municipalities traditionally spend most of their leisure time within the northern suburbs and there is a growing proportion who both live and work in the north. High in community spirit, the residents take great interest in local organised events (fairs, exhibitions, celebrations) and sporting teams.

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Display Advertising Rate

Full Page 380x262mm

JT: $3500

ST: $2500

WT: $3000

Half Page 188x262mm

JT: $2100

ST: $1500

WT: $1800

Quarter Page 188x129mm

JT: $1400

ST: $1000

WT: $1200

Eighth Page 92x129mm

JT: $700

ST: $500

WT: $600


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