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Western Area

The affluent belt taking in the western coastal strip of the City of Stirling plus the traditional western suburbs represents the most premium market in Perth. Highly educated and wealthy, the residents, who pay among the highest property prices in the metropolitan area, have a real sense of ownership in their local area and therefore are a vocal group in local politics and lobbying on community issues. Hyper-local and engaging lifestyle content appeals to this audience, less so the happenings in the wider community. A key area for prestige real estate advertising.

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Cambridge/Stirling Weekly Circ


Western Suburbs Weekly Circ


Display Advertising Rate

Full Page 380x262mm

WSW: $3000

Half Page 188x262mm

WSW: $1800

Quarter Page 188x129mm

WSW: $1200

Eighth Page 92x129mm

WSW: $900


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