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Professional Appointments

The West Australian is the market leader for targeting professionals, managers and white collar workers, making Professional Appointments the ideal platform for reaching quality candidates for senior and specialised roles.

In a single day, The Weekend West reaches 155,000 West Australians with a tertiary qualification, and 102,000 currently employed in managerial or professional roles.

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Display Advertising Rate

Full Page

H.380mm x W.270mm


1/2 Page

H.190mm x W.270mm


1/4 Page

H.190mm x W.133mm


Lineage Deadlines

  • Booking/Cancellation

    12pm, Monday prior to publication

  • Copy to be set

    12pm, Monday prior to publication

  • Complete material

    12pm, Tuesday prior to publication

Lineage Deadlines

  • Booking/Cancellation

    12pm, Thursday prior to publication

  • Copy to be set

    5pm, Thursday prior to publication

  • Complete material

    10am, Friday prior to publication


  • emma™ CMV, People 14+ for the 12 months to 31 March 2018.


  • How much does it cost to place a display ad?

    For rates please contact your regular advertising representative at The West Australian or the advertising sales team on (08) 9482 3111. Contract discounts applicable.

  • What are the material requirements for print advertising?

    All material requirements can be found here