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7flix is a digital free-to-air channel on the Seven Network. Launched in February 2016, it features a schedule of movie favourites and first run US shows. 7flix offers a feel-good mix, spearheaded by movie favourites every night at 8.30pm. First run episodes of popular US dramas GREY’s ANATOMY, ONCE UPON A TIME, HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER and SCANDAL will move to 7flix, giving fans the shows they love, at a time they love. New episodes of US comedies THE MINDY PROJECT and THE MUPPETS will join classic sitcoms SEINFELD and MARRIED WITH CHILDREN on the new channel, along with fast tracked episodes of 10-time Emmy Award winner THE AMAZING RACE.

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Top Programs

  • Criminal Minds
  • Bones
  • MARVEL Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D
  • Animals Make You Laugh Out Loud
  • Castle
  • Seinfeld
  • How I Met Your Mother


  • Source: OzTAM. 5 City Metro. Weeks 7-17, 2018. No. 1 Network 1800-2400. Top 7 regular programs on Seven/7TWO/7mate/7flix. Data: Consolidated 7, Programs Consolidated 28 (Live + As Live + TSV). Copyright of the Data is owned by OzTAM. The Data may not be reproduced, published or communicated (electronically or in hard copy) without the prior written consent of OzTAM


  • How many Australians does TV reach each day?

    Based on OzTAM 2016 figures, TV reaches 16 million Australians everyday.

  • How much does TV advertising cost?

    When choosing TV advertising, every brand has different goals and objectives. For this reason, there is no set package for TV advertising available.  The Seven Network will tailor a package to meet your advertising goals and budget.

  • What are the standard dayparts when buying TV?


    Breakfast: 06:00-09:00

    Daytime: 09:00- 17:00

    Fringe: 17:00-1800

    Peak : 18:00-22:30

    Late Night: 22:30-24:00

    Saturday & Sunday

    Breakfast: 06:00-12:00

    Weekend Daytime: 12:00-17:00

    Peak : 18:00-22:30

    Late Night: 22:30-24:00

  • What are the standard spot types when buying TV?

    15 Seconds

    30 Seconds

    45 Seconds

    60 Seconds

    120 Seconds

    180 Seconds

  • What is a CPM?

    Definition: the cost of reaching 1,000 people of a specific demographic.

    Formula: CPM= Cost of Spot / Audience (000’s) x 1000

    Formula in action: $2,000 / 300,000 x 1,000  CPM = $6.67

  • What is a CPT?

    Definition: The cost of reaching 1% of a specific demographic.

    Formula: CPT= Cost of spot / Tarp (planned of actual)

    Formula in action: $300 / 6.2  CPT=$48.39

  • What is a universe estimated?

    Universe Estimates detail the estimated population against which media audiences are calculated.

  • What is CAD?

    CAD- Provides classification and information services to advertisers, agencies and production houses in relation to television commercials and infomercials. All television commercials and infomercials airing on Seven, Nine and Ten (including regional) must be classified and submitted to FreeTV before they can be broadcast

    For more information go to

  • What is time shifted viewing?

    Time shifted viewing is TV broadcast programming played back through the TV set within 28 days of the original broadcast.

  • Where can I find coverage maps?

    Metropolitan and subsciption TV coverage maps can be found on the OzTAM website.

  • Who measures TV Audiences?

    OzTAM is the official source of TV audience measurement (TAM). OzTAM covers Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane,Adelaide and Perth as well as national subscription television. To find out more about OzTAM