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Reach up to 93% of West Australians through a targeted Seven West Media WA campaign.

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Here are some statistics

+93% Reach over 93% of West Australians* across the SWM WA portfolio

2.3 million Cross-platform readers every month

Australia's #1 Television network 11 years in a row


West Travel Club

West Travel Club is your destination for premium travel content, great offers, competitions and events.
Register for free to access these great deals, book events and take advantage of exclusive travel discounts.

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Seven West Events

Our events business unit is a merger of all events operations which fall under Seven West Events. These include The West Australian’s award-winning Leadership Matters series and the beloved Channel 7 Christmas Pageant. Seven West Events also look after client events, management of contracts, propositions and sponsorships.

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Media Education

Media Education provides our corporate partners with opportunities for promoting programs, events or initiatives in schools including high-quality, curriculum-linked education resources and opportunities which support inquiry-based learning.

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Find over 100,000+ images unique to WA with Westpix. Westpix offers a comprehensive collection of images from our award-winning team of photographers as well as historical images, front pages, cartoons and illustrations.

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