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New Homes

This high-profile full-colour magazine presents the latest trends in home building and a comprehensive guide to display homes. At NEW HOMES we’ve created the ideal environment for your campaign – a trusted source of information, buying ideas and inspiration for WA homebuyers. NEW HOMES offers the first opportunity to reach both motivated buyers and passive prospects in the weekend/leisure environment – when readers are receptive and have time to discuss major purchases and share information.

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Display Advertising Rate

Full Page

H.356mm x W.256mm

Half Page Horizontal

H.175mm x W.256mm

1/4 Page

H.175mm x W.126mm

  • Booking/Cancellation:

    12pm, Friday 1 week prior to publication

  • Complete material:

    5pm, Monday prior to publication


  • emma™ CMV, People 14+ for the 12 months to 30 June 2018.


  • What are the material requirements for print advertising?

    All material requirements can be found here

  • How much does it cost to place a display ad?

    For rates please contact your regular advertising representative at The West Australian or the advertising sales team on (08) 9482 3111. Contract discounts applicable.

  • How can I secure a Preferred Position?

    The positioning or placement of an advertisement is at the discretion of the Publisher except where expressly agreed in writing. Preferred positions are available upon request and incur extra loadings.