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MINT is the commercial content studio for Seven West Media WA.

MINT is a collective of creatives: journalists, video producers, social media experts, designers, project managers and commercial thinkers, united by our passion to make great content.

MINT write, produce and publish engaging content for any screen type, finding the angles, stories and visuals that matter to our audience.

Native content 

Native content is produced to match the style and voice of PerthNow or 

Native content presents the opportunity to break through the noise – leveraging the affinity our users have for our brands, and their desire to engage with valuable, helpful and entertaining content. 

Owned asset production 

We can also apply our expertise to produce assets for our client’s channels. These owned assets are designed to solely align to our client’s brand objectives and may be amplified across their channels or in a media buy. 


What does MINT produce? 


Connect and engage with your target audience and align your brand with content they care about. 

Native articles are short-form, useful and shareable. 

MINT will concept and produce the content (brief provided by the client). The article is published contextually on PerthNow or and is evergreen. 

Immersive Stories 

This immersive content experience is hosted on a single page or multi-page and designed to maximise user engagement through high-impact imagery, interactive elements and long-form storytelling.  

Immersive stories provide clients with an opportunity to align their brand objectives with engaging, inspirational and highly visual content.  

MINT will concept and produce the content (brief provided by the client).  

Published as a sub-domain from PerthNow or and is evergreen. 

Social Video 

Connect and engage with your target audience and align your brand with content they care about. 

Native video is visual, scroll-stopping and engaging.  

MINT will concept and produce the video content (brief provided by the client). The video is published across PerthNow or masthead and social channels. 

Social Carousels 

Swipe, swipe, swipe. A social carousel is a perfect blend of visual content and words for consumers to read at their own pace.

In a swipe-able listicle format, we can natively insert your product, message or tone and tailor it to the correct audience through a social post on Instagram through Seven West Media’s channels. 

Carousels are published on PerthNow, The West or STM’s Instagram with further amplification to meet a guaranteed audience. We also offer a click-through link to your landing page via a targeted ad campaign. 

Bespoke owned asset production 

From corporate video to TV campaigns, we lace our production expertise with WA audience insights and storytelling techniques.  

Access MINT production resources and capabilities to create great content for your own assets and media campaigns.  

This is perfect for clients seeking television commercial production, pre-roll video, online video, social content or corporate video. 

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Why make Creative Content with MINT?

  • Align with trusted WA brands

  • Access local audience insights and behaviours

  • Specialised story development with Seven West MINT

  • Valuable content insights from SWM editorial team

  • Full scale production from briefing to reporting

  • Content amplification across Seven West Media owned assets