Content that is produced by the Seven West MINT, our in-house content studio to natively match the style and tone of the content platform on which it is published.

Native content advertising presents an opportunity to break through the noise – leveraging the affinity our users have towards our publisher site, and their desire to seek and engage with valuable, helpful or entertaining content.

How we create stories:

1.  Native Content
A paid partnership between an advertiser and one of our publishing platforms. Native content is created by MINT, published and amplified on our platforms.

2. Creative Production
Content created for and supplied to our advertisers. Content assets are created by the MINT, but are owned and amplified by the advertiser.


Native Articles
Connect and engage with your target audience and align your brand with content they care about. Native articles are short-form, useful and shareable. MINT will concept and produce the content (brief provided by client). The article is published contextually on PerthNow and is evergreen.

Immersive Scrolling
Our scrolling feature stories are hosted on one page and designed to maximise user engagement through high-impact imagery, interactive elements and long-form storytelling. Scrolling stories provide clients with an opportunity to align their brand objectives with engaging, inspirational and highly visual content. MINT will concept and produce the content (brief provided by client). Published as a sub-domain from The West or PerthNow and is evergreen.

Immersive Multi Page
Hosted across several pages and featuring an in-built navigation tool, this style of long-form storytelling is ideal for a magazine-style narrative with the ability to target and direct specific audiences to different pages. Multi-page features provide clients with the ability to target several audiences to provide them with a more tailored and personalised experience. MINT will concept and produce the content (brief provided by client). Published as a sub-domain from The West or PerthNow and is evergreen.

Win Page
Drive awareness and genuine intent through a competition via PerthNow. We can leverage the signature tone of voice to drive a fun, easy and engaging competition aimed at an audience and to promote a brand. Client to supply a prize (Min. $1K value)

HUH? Have you Heard?

HUH is a native video series, purpose-built for Facebook and powered by our PerthNow Facebook page.

The content lends itself to:

Female, male, 18 to 24, or 25 to 32

Local stories for a local audience

We don’t take ourselves too seriously

Cut the bullsh!*t – our audience can sniff an ad from a mile away

Mum-ish Native Video
Parents and guardians are always looking for ideas to entertain children in the school holidays and this Mum-ish vlog has the answer. We work with brands and businesses to find fun, local and entertaining things to see and do with the kids around Perth. Targeting parents, the PerthNow Mum-ish vlog uses mum talent to tell the story, providing an authentic reaction to their experience.

Meet the West Australians
Meet The West Australians brings local human stories to life in a 1 – 3 minute documentary-style video story. Best suited for clients who want to align their brand with engaging, emotive, personal stories from a local perspective. Video will be published on thewest.com.au and shared across The West Facebook page.

Food Porn Native Video

Seven West MINT will work with you to find and prepare recipes that are tried, tested and grounded in WA. Each recipe story will be told in way that is rustic, textured and laced with cinematic-style storytelling. The final video will be about 1 minute long, and feature key steps involved in creating these recipe masterpieces. Accompanied with a recipe article published on thewest.com.au


Creative Production
From corporate video to television commercial campaigns, we lace our production expertise with WA audience insights and storytelling technique. Access Seven West MINT production resources and capabilities to create great content for your own assets and media campaigns. This is perfect for clients seeking television commercial production, pre-roll video, client-side digital content or corporate video.

Price POA.

Production TVC
Use our expert team of video specialists to concept, produce and deliver quality commercials for your next TV and digital video campaign.

  • Full day shoot (Perth Metro). Additional time and travel considerations will be considered upon proper briefing session

  • CAD approvals and dispatch of TVC to relevant broadcast stations

  • Option to produce 15, 30, 45 or 60 secs

  • MINT can help to concept, storyboard and script based on supplied brief to client

  • Voice over (in-house supplied) and graphics