Australia’s best performing metro daily newspaper and delivering the strongest market reach of any major metro daily. The West Australian is one of the cornerstone brands of Seven West Media WA, driving the daily news agenda in Western Australia. Our market leading portfolio reaches high-volume, high-value audiences and offers advertisers flexibility, effective targeting and, more importantly, speed to market. From breaking news to tactical ad campaigns, we connect with the right people in the right environments anytime, anywhere.

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We haven’t forgotten that readers want some balance, and we’re continuing to publish the best in food, lifestyle, travel, health and well-being, personal finance, entertainment, sport and more.​ It all adds up to great contextual targeting opportunities in quality environments!

Every weekday the TODAY colour liftout presents the best in entertainment including: film, television and arts, gossip, comics, crosswords.

Published daily, WESTBUSINESS presents the full story behind the latest issues, special features, and regular sections including executive appointments, Spinifex every Sat and Your Money every Monday.

Published daily, The West Australian’s Employment section is a comprehensive guide for active and passive job seekers and a valuable resource for employers across all industries and sectors.

For the important moments in life. West Announcements gives people a highly read, engaging platform to make their heartfelt announcements such as births, deaths and special occasions

SPORT is a major drawcard and is the most-read section by male readers across the week.

REAL ESTATE in The West Australian offers the latest market information for housing and land, special features and property listings.

WEST WHEELS is a trusted and authoritative source of information and inspiration for the WA car buying market.

TRAVEL offers superior quality editorial/pictorial coverage. Our award-winning travel editor Stephen Scourfield presents travel news and information specifically for the WA market – ensuring your message reaches motivated buyers and passive prospects.

TRAVEL enjoys high-profile placement within the paper and is one of the most kept weekend sections.