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Pilbara News

Pilbara News is the only local paper reporting on issues relevant to readers in Karratha, Dampier, Wickham, Roebourne, Point Samson, Tom Price, Pannawonica, Paraburdoo and Onslow.

Based in Karratha, the regional centre with administrative, commercial, industrial and residential infrastructure, Pilbara News is a well-read publication in the network of towns in the North West and is growing as fast as the region and towns it reports on.


  • Dampier
  • Karratha
  • Onslow
  • Pannawonica
  • Paraburdoo
  • Point Samson
  • Port Hedland
  • Roebourne
  • South Hedland
  • Tom Price
  • Wickham

Have you read the West Regionals Newspapers online via our digital editions? We provide options for digital advertising on the Pilbara News website.

Our 18 regional pages serve as your primary source of local information and is regularly updated with the latest news.

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