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Up Late with Ben Harvey

The West Australian has launched its own local daily news show. Up Late with Ben Harvey is a bold initiative that presents the news in a fresh format delivered to viewers in a new way.

Produced in-house by Executive Producer Natalie Bonjolo and Producer Shannon Beven, and hosted by veteran reporter Ben Harvey, Up Late is an online news show that’s outside the box (literally).

Featuring off-beat and bold commentary on news, politics and current events, Up Late showcases Ben Harvey’s irreverent and shrewd take on Perth issues. Packed with opinion, interviews and informative wrap ups, the show will provoke and entertain audiences in ways they don’t expect. They didn’t ask, but … they’ll want to watch.

Up Late will drop nightly at 8pm, Monday to Thursday and viewers can watch it exclusively on demand at or tune in to The West Australian’s channel on YouTube for the latest episodes.

There are 4 sponsorship opportunities available for one advertiser to own the display and video within the Up Late content hub with 100% SOV.

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