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Meet the Team – Natalie Bonjolo, Head of Digital Production

6 June 2023

Tell us about your journey into the role of Head of Digital Production at The West Australian?

I moved over to The West Australian after more than a decade at Channel Seven Perth as a journalist, producer and then executive producer of Today Tonight.   At the time, I definitely remember having some trepidation, thinking “what exactly will a television producer bring to the newspaper side of the business?”

I also remember the Editor in Chief, Anthony De Ceglie’s excitement.  He really believed digital was a wide open space to get creative.

When I look back at what we’ve achieved, with the creation of The West’s own digital production department, it’s beyond expectations.

In the past three years, we’ve led the charge in innovation ‑ delivering video shows and audio projects in ways never done before.  We’ve probably produced more bespoke content in-house than any other masthead in the country.


What motivates and challenges you each day?

It’s a cliché, but necessity is the mother of invention, and for me this job is a process of re-invention. I’m really excited by the agility digital.  What worked for broadcast won’t always work on a website.  Nowadays, I’m constantly asking, can we throw the rule book out the window?  The answer is most often, yes ‑ especially when nobody else is doing what we are.


Who or what inspires you most?

I’m inspired and super proud of our little team.  They’re committed, talented, dexterous and breaking new ground.  We’re pushing out podcasts, live stream radio, the best satirical news analysis in town, a finance video and that’s just the daily stuff.

We’ve launched several YouTube Channels, some which have seen phenomenal growth.  Together, we’ve made award winning documentaries and true crime video series, which is a huge achievement up against traditional broadcasters.


Which project over the past year has sparked the most excitement for you?

We’ve just started producing a weekly footy chat show for 7Mate, called Mad Monday, which is also being streamed nationally on 7plus.  It’s been a huge effort and we’ve had to navigate our way around technical challenges in a very short period of time.  Our ideas often outpace our logistical abilities, but we chip away until we hit on a solution.


If you could give your younger self some advice, what would it be?

Often the harshest criticism comes from ourselves, that’s certainly always been the case for me.  Looking back, I would let me younger self know you don’t have to do it perfectly.  You just have to do your best, because that’s actually all anyone expects.