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The Sunday Times Remains the Fastest Growing Weekend Newspaper in the Country

13 June 2023

A rise in readers continues for The Sunday Times according to new readership figures.

The latest Roy Morgan figures show The Sunday Times increased its readership by 52,000 readers in the past year to 418,000 — an incredible increase of 14.2 per cent. Its flagship glossy magazine STM also increased its readership by 8.2 per cent.

The Sunday Times now has more readers than Melbourne’s The Sunday Age and is only marginally behind Sydney’s The Sun-Herald, whose readership declined 6.4 per cent. The increase in readers was enjoyed across all West Australian Newspapers brands, with Saturday’s edition of The West Australian rising 3.2 per cent year-on-year, and the weekday edition of the daily newspaper up 1.8 per cent for the quarter.

West Australian Newspapers cross-platform reach across its newspapers and websites is an astonishing 3.8 million readers every month, with 73.8 per cent of West Aussies reading every month. That is by far the biggest penetration of any news brand in any Australian State.

Weekend Editor Ben McClellan said the readership results were a testament to the hard work of the newsroom.

“We’re very proud of the scoops we report week-in and week-out by the likes of Joe Spagnolo and John Flint, along with the incisive and sometimes irreverent columns from Kate Emery and Ben Harvey,” he said.

“But we’re equally as proud of the extensive features we now run and the changes we made to ensure our readers are getting the right mix on the weekend — from our extensive world news section to our specialist gardening columns.”

McClellan said the recent addition of a weekend real estate column profiling the three hottest properties on the market, called Buy Buy Home, had been a huge success.

He also praised STM, saying it was “easily the best glossy magazine of any Sunday newspaper in the country” and had a proud history of delivering award-winning content.

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