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Up Late and Unleashed: Ben Harvey is Back, Delivering News Differently in 2023

30 January 2023

For the third year running, Up Late with Ben Harvey is back on, ready to shock and delight audiences.

The bold and innovative news program that offers a fresh take on the day’s most pressing issues, delivering them to viewers in an engaging and compelling manner, will return to air on Monday, January 30, 2023.

In 2023 the Up Late team plan to continue to push the boundaries.  An equal opportunist when it comes to causing offense, fans and critics alike can expect more of Harvey’s no-holds barred commentary on everything West Australian, from crimes to politicians and everything in between.

This approach has clearly proved popular with viewers.  In 2022, Up Late’s viewership exceeded 10 million across various platforms, including 292,000 views on, 390,000 views on PerthNow, 2.1 million views on YouTube, and a staggering 7.9 million views on The West Australian and Perth Now’s Facebook pages.

There are no doubts the locally produced daily news show, which has been running since August 2021, will continue to attract record-breaking audience numbers, with plenty of potential for growth.

Harvey’s loyal and vocal fan base is already well-established. Viewers have described the show as the “all facts and no bullsh*t” and as “more insight than all the TV ‘coverage’ put together”.

“Has become one of my “Must Watch” vids. Absolutely love it,” was how one viewer described the show, with another saying ““Best entertainment in Australia, you need a Logie Ben”.

Fans love Harvey’s bold commentary on daily events with one proclaiming: “I have been following your commentary for a while now and damn don’t you tell us like it is.”

Executive Producer, Natalie Bonjolo leads the production of Up Late, with veteran reporter, Ben Harvey, hosting the evening news program, delivering the latest headlines in a wildly unique and unconventional approach.

Up Late is produced every Monday through to Thursday in-house at The West Australian’s own studio and airs nightly at 8 pm. Audiences can catch the show exclusively on-demand at, PerthNow, or tune in to The West Australian’s YouTube channel.

As one regular viewer of the show said, “you keep making them, I’ll keep watching them.”


To take advantage of Seven West Media’s advertising and partnership opportunities with Up Late please contact your Advertising Representative. We also welcome new advertisers to make contact via or (08) 9482 3111